I want to use your fonts! Are they free or must I pay?

Our fonts are free to try and for personal/noncommercial use

If you want to use our fonts in a commercial project, you must buy the rights to do so by paying a license fee that varies according to usage and number of users.

Our websites accepts payment with credit card or with PayPal account, both using PayPal POS that accepts all main credit cards (read here for more info about American Express).

The basic personal license is reserved to designers and cannot be purchased by agencies of corporations.

For non-personal (multiple users but also server or app type installation) we have a set of alternate licenses: the business license (multiple users) the web font-face license (font-kit integration), the app/server license(software embedding) the broadcast license (tv and cinema titling) and the worldwide license (corporate buyout use).

All our licenses are time unlimited and not-trasferable.  If you want to know what license is right for you, simply check our infographic on licensing page.

What does "personal, non-commercial use" means?

It means that our free for download trial version of our typefaces can be freely used in all your no-profit or non commercial projects.

We consider non-commercial all projects where both you and the client are not earning money: school work, pro-bono assignment, charity and institutions. A personal website or portfolio is considered commercial if it offers goods or services or has the aim to attract commercial work. A unpaid work for a commercial client is still considered commercial project - and it's not healthy for you.

Please consider that numbers 0 to 9 are not included in the noncommercial free version of our typefaces as we had to make them recognizable to limit unfair use. If your noncommercial use should need numbers please contact us with a description of your project so that we can provide you a full version.

If I use your fonts to design a logo for my blog/youtube channel, do i need to have a license for it? And does this count as broadcast use?

If you design a logo for a commercial activity, then the usage is considered commercial and you have to acquire a license for the font. A youtube video or a blog is considered not commercial if it's not promoting goods or services and doesn't have any advertising revenues.

For standard web video distribution (online sharing, social networks and blogs) no broadcast license is necessary. It's required only for any traditional or mixed broadcast system as television or film.

Do i need a special license to use your fonts in my site?

An extra web @font-face license is needed for dynamic inclusion of the typeface in your site using CSS font-face technology and allowing the installation of a copy of our font files on your web server.

Web-ready files of our typeface fonts are avalaible in your download page for many of our fonts. To allow maximum flexibility we advice you to use custom web services as www.fontsquirrel.com to produce optimized webfont packages from our standard truetype files.

Single developers will usually buy a personal license and a web license; web agencies will have to buy a business license (covering the developers) and a web license.

Each web license is valid for a single domain name. 

The web @font-face license is a low-priced version of our server application license that is necessary if you want to install our font files on a server for or include them in a mobile application for dynamic content generation.

No extra license (apart from the personal or business one requested for the commercial use) is needed if you have designed artwork (e.g a logo) that includes our typefaces and want to use it as an image (both in raster and vector formats) in your website.


If I design a logo for a client, must be the font licensed to me or to the client?

When you sell a design work (a logo, a cover design, an illustration or a website) for a client, what you're selling to him are creation fees and usage rights for the the finished design. The clients buys from you these rights assuming you have used tools (software, images and fonts) you are licensed to use. You don't usually have to provide the client with those design tools (original images or typefaces you used) because he's not going to work with them. 

As a designer, in most cases you will need a personal license (if you work alone) or a business licenses (if are working with up to five partners or employees and want everybody to install and use the font). The license is lifetime, so you'll be able to use the typeface(s) in all future projects. And you can bill them to your client as expenses (as you would do with stock photos), or just consider the purchase as part of your expenses to keep yourself updated on state-of-the-art design tools.

This also applies if you're designing for your own company and are at the same time a designer and your own client. You produce an artwork for your own society using tools you got for yourself as designer, and then can bill them as production expenses - but the typeface needs to be licensed only to you as a designer.

Only sometimes it may happen that the client wants a copy of the typeface (e.g. He wants to update/edit your design in the future): in that case you can entitle the license to them or their designer(s) for future use. In this case, you're not allowed to use the typeface after client payment: as the license is then transferred to the client designer(s). That is the only exception to our basic rule that states our license being personal, ifetime and non-transferable.

We usually advices single designers to get a personal license for smaller job where the client doesn't require the typeface files, or add a personal license for the client use otherwise. Studios requiring multiple installations for them and their clients can buy adequate numbers of business licenses for them and for the client, each allowing up to five users.

For other cases, where the client is going to require the typeface for internal distribution on larger scale, either multiple business licenses or a single worldwide buyout license are advised.

If I want everybody in my agency / corporation to install and use freely your typeface, what license do i need?

Since our licenses are personal, you should get a number of licenses equal to the number of users + any additional licenses for extra uses (web fontface, app, broadcast). For example, if you have an agency that develops a website and you have five people working on the design and coding of it, you will need a business license (covering five people) and a web font-face license (for the server installation). You can add multiple business licenses to cover higher number of users, and expand licensing if needed (eg you develop an app that embeds typefaces used in the design of your product, you will need an additional app/server license).

For bigger agencies/corporations, we usually advise to consider a buyout worldwide license, that allows installation and use of the font(s) on unlimited CPUs at unlimited locations for one corporation or other legal entity. The worldwide license covers all uses (design as well as app, web and broadcast) and allows re-distribution to related businnesses (marketing and advertising agencies, shops, etc). 

Personal and business licenses are both linked to specific users and are time unlimited, personal and non-transferable.

worldwide license is time unlimited and non-transferable.



Can I distribute your fonts?

Distribuiting our fonts is allowed only for noncommercial usese.

That means you can pass them to friends to try and use for noncommercial projects, and try and instally freely as many copies you want to test the design.
You can spread the word of Zetafont and have good karma back. But no reselling or inclusion of our fonts in print, web or cd compilations (free or paid) is allowed without permission.

If you have personal or studio license, you are allowed to pass the files to your service bureau for printing. The broadcast license and worldwide license allow redistribution of our fonts to all the employees of the licensed corporation.

What licenses do you provide for your fonts?

The free personal noncommercial license is provided with free downloads of fonts. It allows unlimited use of the font(s) for non-commercial uses, on the basis of the CC noncommercial attribution license.

The personal license is reserved to individuals and doesn't apply to corporate/studio entities. It allows one single person on unlimited cpus to use the font(s) for all personal commercial uses. This license doesn't apply to broadcast and software embedding uses, and doesn't allow re-distribution in any form.


The business/small studio license is reserved to small design studio and agencies. It allows a maximum of four people to install and use the fonts on unlimited cpus for commercial uses. This license doesn't apply to broadcast and software embedding uses, and doesn't allow re-distribution in any form.

The server/application license is reserved to software houses and web agencies that want to include our fonts in applications or websites for dynamic display of texts. It allows a maximum of four people to install and use the fonts on unlimited cpus for personal commercial uses, as well as the copy of the font files on a web server or the inclusion of said files in the software. This license doesn't apply to broadcast uses, and doesn't allow re-selling of the fonts in any form. For simple @font-face inclusion on websites, you just need a web @font-face license.

The worldwide license is reserved to corporate entities that are buying usage of the fonts for an unlimited number of employees and allowing re-distribution to related businnesses (marketing and advertising agencies, shops, etc). A worldwide license allows installation and use of the font(s) on unlimited CPUs at unlimited locations for one corporation or other legal entity. The corporate entity that buys a worldwide license is allowed to modify, adapt and use the font at will for its commercial and not commercial purpouses - but it's still not allowed to resell the font.


Full buyout licence is an option for an individual, a corporation or other legal entity who wants to own the exclusive rights to a font, including reselling rights. We don't provide full buyout licence on fonts that already published on this site - the option is only avalaible for new font designs only and is usually set for a time limited period. Custom font design is part of the services we offer at Studio Kmzero: feel free to request an estimate of costs.

How do I install/use fonts on my computer?

To use Zetafonts in software applications you'll need to install the font.

Follow these simple steps:


1) Download the .zip file from the site, saving it in a folder
2) Extract the file from the archive with the shell (right clic) or with software (e.g. Winzip)
3) Open Control Panel and double-click the Fonts folder
4) Go to the "file" menu and select "Install new font"
5) Browse to the location where you extracted the .zip file, and click OK.

1) Download the .zip file from the site, saving it in a folder
2) Extract the file from the archive with the shell (right clic) or with software (e.g. Unzip)
3) Add the font using the System Font Book.

Notice: Some of our fonts are distribuited as trial version - they have the same name of the full version but have limited character sets. If you have already installed a trial version of our fonts and have bought the full commercial version, you should remove in fontbook the font files of the trial version before installing the full version to avoid installation issues.

What font formats do you provide (ttf, otf, eof, woff...)?

In our typeface download page you get access to both .otf (poscript opentype) and .ttf (truetype opentype) versions of the tytpeface. They are virtually identical for most basic uses and both contain any opentype feature enclosed in the typeface. We sometimes offer non-opentype ttf versions, labelled "compatibility packs" (only useful if you're using very old operative systems or software). For webfont license we provide a basic webpack containing ttf, woff, svg and eot. We are in the process of discontinuing svg format and to implement woff2. Please notice that you're allowed to use tools online like fontsquirrel.com to optimize and convert our font files to webfont formats.

I want you to make a custom font.

Font design is part of our ongoing design activity at www.zetafonts.com. You are welcome to contact us at info@zetafonts.com with enquiries regarding custom font creation for your project.

Our services range from custom modifications of our fonts, to handwriting conversion into digital format, to full specimen design.


You can request modifications of our licensed fonts - eg bolder, alternate letters, or different languages. This is our most basic service.


This is a complex design process. Our fonts are usually generated as part of our logo design process in our corporate identity work. So usually we have a small subset of letters on which to base the font.

Title fonts are faster and easier to develop, while text fonts (which usually have to be at least made in the three basic styles, bold, regular, italic) require more time and a bigger budget.

Additional matter of consideration is:
a) weights - each weight can be developed in italic or little caps form. Usually we design a regular and a bold version, and at least one italic.
b) format - Truetype are our basic choice, but we can provide Opentype too, with ligatures, full character sets and alternates.
c) language - if the font has to be used in various languages it can need non - basic character sets. This must be considered.

Please provide us a detailed brief of your project for a cost estimate.


If you want your handwriting, please provide  us a high-resolution scan (300 dpi) of your handwriting sample.
We will then be able to provide an estimate of costs and timing.

Help! I bought your (Bulletto, Panforte, Amazing Infographic@, Kitten...) font for its special characters, but they don't show up in my software!!

Special characters like the swashes in Bulletto and Hello Script, or the alternates in Coco Gothic, use open type technology to substitute character sequences with special glyphs. Not all existing software  support OpenType (notably Silhouette Studio).You can check the software that works with standard open type ligatures here:
Microsoft Word users be aware that Open Type works in Word only since Word 2010. To enable OpenType ligatures, right-click on some text, select Font, select the Advanced tab, and selectStandard Only from the Ligatures combo box. This enables the standard ligatures, that we use for extra glyphs in all our open-type enhanced fonts.
For some of our typeface we provide with download a "compatibility pack" with only the extra characters and swashes, so that you can type them in any software - but generally if you need to use special characters within a software that doesn't support Opentype, the best option is to generate your designs with some open type enabled software and then export a vector or bitmap image you can work with. 

Can you modify one of your typefaces for me? I would like variants of some letters, or maybe some more symbol, or a bolder version...

Modifying our typeface for your need is not a trivial task and we must budget it accordingly. The changes we usually get asked can fall into one of three categories:

a) debug - maybe a accented letter is missing, a diacritic is not showing properly, or a foreign character is not drawn correctly. We consider this standard maintenance and debug work for our typefaces and we'll gladly accept your feedback and provide you with an updated version, that will also be uploaded on our website to provide both new and existing users with a corrected release of the typeface.

b) minor change - if we are requested to change few letters, or provide some minor alteration to an existing typeface (eg change dot shape in punctuation, or something similar) we will be however forced to create a variant version of the typeface that we will budget according to your requests, providing you with an expected delivery time and a price tag. You can factor a base price of 50 to 200 euro per glyph, considering the additional work requested to revise metrics and export the new typeface.

c) major change - if you need a fully customized/redesigned version of one of our typefaces, either due to changes in design or in weight/form, you'll have to provide us with a detailed brief that we will answer with a proposed budget and time for delivery. Such changes include devising a completely new weight, adding a new language set (eg. cyrillic, greek or arabic), or introducing substantial changes in letter shape and visuals). Such heavily customized can also be licensed on a exclusive basis if requested.

My credit card (American Express) doesn't appear in the payment screen! Do you accept it?

We accept payments through Paypal System, which sometimes acts weird on card policies. To pay with a credit card that is not listed, try clicking on the "Pay with paypal" button. It will open a Pay pall window with a section "Pay with credit card" that opens a list of different credit cards (including American Express).

My credit card (American Express) doesn't appear in the payment screen! Do you accept it?

We accept payments through Paypal System, which sometimes acts weird on card policies. To pay with a credit card that is not listed, try clicking on the "Pay with paypal" button. It will open a Pay pall window with a section "Pay with credit card" that opens a list of different credit cards (including American Express).

What if I can't use the online payment procedure?

If the problem is technical (eg you get an error message or an unexpected result): please try again to follow the procedure with a different browser, after having checked that your browser allows cookies (requested for transaction procedure). If the problem persists, contact us - if possible sending a screenshot of the error message or unexpected result. Please notice that all payment is handled through third party services (Pay Pal) over which we have not control.
If your problem is an accounting one (eg need an invoice before payment, you can pay only with wire transfer), please contact us and send us correct information about your company (Name, Address, Contact Email, Country, Vat Number or similar business registration). If you're buying the license on behalf of a client or third party, add the same data for his business. We will send an invoice with payment information for wire transfer. As soon as wire transfer is finalized, you'll receive the license file and the full version font files (in case you've only downloaded a trial version).

What's ego[n] magazine?

It's a magazine project by studiokmzero for which many of the Zetafonts were created. You can learn more about it at www.egonmagazine.com. By buying the magazine (at approximately 60 euro price) you gain a full licence on the following fonts: Bistecca, Braciola Family (4 fonts), Byron Alpha, Docporn, Handvetica, Prozak Family (3 fonts), Sala de Fiestas Family (2 fonts), Targa Family (2 fonts), Tutor Family (2 fonts). You can buy ego[n] online at the Red Publishing e-store.

What about your free (CC BY license) fonts?

Some of our fonts are distribuited as "free fonts" according to a "creative commons - attribution" license. That means that you can use them freely in your projects, both commercial and noncommercial, as long as you can provide attribution.

For example, if you're using Amazing Infographic@ for a project you have to put in the credits page,  colophon, or credits line - the author indication: " font Amazing Infographic@ by studiokmzero and happyloverstown".

If you can't for whatever reason use the fonts with attribution, you can still use your fonts freely in noncommercial work - but if you want to use our CC fonts for a commercial - non credited work you have to buy the standard license for them - contact us for information.

Can I link your page?

Sure you can!
When linking, please link to http://www.zetafonts.com

Are you the same ZETAfonts that can be found on 1001 fonts that made Feena Casual?

No. We discovered only some time ago, when our domain name & brand were registered, that there has been a "ZETAfonts" type foundry active in Johannesburg in 1997-1998. We tried many times to contact the owner through at email given in the readme files (frank[at]iid.co.za) but he never answered. We suppose he's out of the typeface business. 

We have not rights and can't license any of the "South African Zetafonts" typefaces: Feena Casual, Neil Normal, Rund Marker, Caligula Dodgy, Shoom Vertical, Bloxxx Extrabold.

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